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    National Certificate of Design Patent

    Maxgrid Floors Holding Limited is a professional manufacturer of access floors becomes one of the fastest growing companies through provision of quality services.From factory to customer, we offer comprehensive and meticulous services including research, design, production, sales and installation.

    With joint effort of all staff, Maxgrid has successfully developed one kind of antistatic access floors-Diamond Ball Design Anti-static Access Floor, which gains the national certificate of design patent.

    The concentrated load test proved that our diamond ball design antistatic floors' load performance is 30% better than that of traditional ball design antistatic floors.

    1.Certificate of Design Patent

    Maxgrid's unique diamond ball design antistatic floors are in production and have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world, including USA, Japan, Korea, Canada. Chile and so on. Meanwhile, Maxgrid is also expanding domestic market and products have been used throughout China.



    Contact: Patrick Chen

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    Email: info@maxgrid.com

    Add: Jiannong Industrial Zone, Yaoguan, Wujin, China

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