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    Accessories for Raised Floor

    • Pedestals and Stringers
    • Pedestals and Stringers
    • Pedestals and Stringers
    Pedestals and StringersPedestals and StringersPedestals and Stringers

    Pedestals and Stringers

    • Aluminum Head Pedestal
    • Steel Flat Head Pedestal
    • Border Flat Head Pedestal
    • Product description: Pedestals and stringers for access floor

    Pedestals and Stringers For Access Floor

    Under the principle of high strength, easy installation and maintenance, combining with its OEM experience, Maxgrid Access Floor Co.,Ltd is now able to supply below pedestals to meet various needs.

    1.Steel Cement Panel Pedestal

    Pedestals for Steel Cement Access Floor:

    2.Woodcore and calcium sulphate panel pedestal

    3.Reinforced large tube pedestal

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