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    Woodcore Access Floors

    • Anti-Static Woodcore Panel
    • Anti-Static Woodcore Panel
    Anti-Static Woodcore PanelAnti-Static Woodcore Panel

    Anti-Static Woodcore Panel

    • Core: Wood / Chipboard
    • Panel Size: 600mm × 600mm
    • Panel Thickness: 30mm,40mm
    • Panel Finish: Ceramic,HPL,PVC
    • Product description: Anti-static Woodcore Panel

    Anti-static Woodcore Panel

    Product Structure:

    Woodcore access floor consists of highdensity (720Kg/m3) chipboard. Galvanized steel sheet is bonded to the bottom of the chipboard. HPL, PVC or Ceramic is stuck to the top of the chipboard, four edges are sealed with PVC edge trims.

    Panel Cut View-Top

    Panel Cut View-Bottom

    Product Feature:

    1. Water-proof, fire-proof, anti-corrosive and sound insulation.

    2. High dimension accuracy and excellent  interchangeability.

    3. Good loading performance.

    4. Elaborated made and good decorative effect.

    Anti-static woodcore floor is widely used in places where have high requirement of anti-static,loading and finished apperance, like: bank,communication equipment room, intelligent office and so on.

    Loading Chart:

    Type Size Concentrated Load Rolling Load Ultimated Load Uniform Load Fire Protection Performance System resistance
    mm LB KG KG KG KG/M2

    ASTM E84-01:
    Flame Spread:0
    Smoke Density:0

    Static dissipative
    Medium Duty 600×600×30 ≥800 ≥363 ≥250 ≥1089 ≥1684
    Heavy Duty 600×600×40 ≥1000 ≥454 ≥272 ≥1362 ≥2347

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