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    Anti-static Steel Access Floors

    • PVC/Vinyl finished Steel Access Floor
    • PVC/Vinyl finished Steel Access Floor
    PVC/Vinyl finished Steel Access FloorPVC/Vinyl finished Steel Access Floor

    PVC/Vinyl finished Steel Access Floor

    • Size: 600 × 600 × 35mm, 610 × 610 × 35mm
    • Loading Range:CCS440lb-CCS2000LB
    • Panel Finish: Anti Static PVC
    • Product description: Anti-static PVC/Vinyl Steel Access Floor

    Anti-static PVC/Vinyl Steel Access Floor

    Product Structure:

    Panel Top Structure Panel Bottom Structure

    Top plate using SPCC hard rolled steel, bottom plate using ST14 steel for stretch, after automatic spot welding, environmental friendly oil treatment, wear resistant epoxy coating, the panel is them filled with foamed cement. Panel surface is then laminated with anti-static PVC. It can be gravity laid into the infrastructure formed by pedestals, stringers and screws.

    Cut Structure-Top Cut Structure-Bottom

    Edge Trim Options:




    Product Feature:

    1. All steel components, Great Mechanical Performance.
    2. Heavy loading performance and excellent fire-rate.
    3.Special and scientific design of ball stretch, wider bottom edge board, reinforcement rib etc, improve panel loading performance.
    4. Precise dimension, great interchangeability.
    5. Dark-Grey Epoxy coating, hard wearing and anti-corrosive.


    Anti-static PVC Steel Access Floor products are widely used in computer room, data-center, communication room, tele-broadcast center, electricity control center, mobile communication, satellite control centers.

    Computer Room

    Control Room

    Data Center

    Loading Chart:

    Type Size Concentrated Load Rolling Load Ultimated Load Uniform Load Fire Protection Performance System Resistance
    mm LB KG KG KG KG/M2
    FS440 600×600×35 ≥440 ≥200 ≥200 ≥610 ≥991 Incombustible
    ASTM E84-01:
    Flame Spread:0
    Smoke Density:0

    Static dissipative
    FS662 600×600×35 ≥662 ≥300 ≥300 ≥903 ≥1275
    FS800 600×600×35 ≥800 ≥364 ≥364 ≥1148 ≥1643
    FS1000 600×600×35 ≥1000 ≥455 ≥455 ≥1363 ≥2347
    FS1250 600×600×35 ≥1250 ≥569 ≥569 ≥1703 ≥3368
    600×600×35 ≥1500 ≥682
    ≥682 ≥2724 ≥4388
    FS2000 600×600×35 ≥2000 ≥910 ≥910 ≥3177 ≥5918

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